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The «Salam Aleykum» restaurant is the travel to the taste land.

Restaurant, Banqueting hall, Catering «Salam Aleykum»

22 December, 2016

The «Salam Aleykum» restaurant is the cozy and favor place! The mild light, music and eastern design, all of them make you to relax nice. Everyone, who dreams to sink into the generous east atmosphere and enjoy nourishing meal, can always visit it.

The «Salam Aleykum» restaurant is the great choice for those, who estimate delicious dishes and  halal food as well. In the wide restaurant menu you can find Azerbaijani, European and Arabic dishes.  The main ones are dishes in tandyr.

Here you can find just high-end staffs, which are experts in their job and have huge experience in national cooking traditions, old recipes and famous recipes from other countries.  This restaurant differs with its great choice of the various dishes and amazing service. The entire stuffs are the freshest and really high-quality.

The «Salam Aleykum» menu is really special! Here is everything…  The most delicious and tender kutaby in barbecue, the salads, the shah pilaf, which looks so tasty, the juicy flavor buglama, govurma, diushbara, the wide range of shish kebabs, the various fishes and many others! Do you like Arabic food? Then order the Tabule salad, the well-known in all over the world spicy hummus, the Levant bread fatush salad and traditional Arabic mutabbal snacks. Moreover, here is the great children’s menu. You can enjoy the flavor tea with the national sweets for your dessert.

Summing up all of these, we can easily claim, that the «Salam Aleykum» restaurant is the great place for the tourists, which can sink into the mystery world of the east and enjoy the traditional Azerbaijan dishes and ordinary for their country food. The visitors, who prefer to stay alone with the east wisdom, can find the cozy room for their own in this restaurant. Those, who are willing to relax and enjoy communication, we can offer the delicious hookahs.

Dear friends, are you looking for the spiritual restaurant, where you can eat great breakfast and relax in the evening, listen to the music and enjoy the nice crowd? That is the «Salam Aleykum» restaurant!

They are the business meetings, the family meals, the banquets, the romantic meals or the children’s holiday? Then welcome to the «Salam Aleykum» restaurant as well!

«Salam Aleykum» - 24 hours a day! 

#halal #restaurant #Baku 

#halal restaurant Baku  

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