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What is it the project? – it the first web portal about the restaurant life of Azerbaijan, it is in three languages and contains the following: – is is the specialized navigator of all Azerbaijan establishments with lots of handy filters and inside website rating of restaurants.  Due to all these filters, all its visitors will have the great chance to choose any restaurant, bar or any other food establishment they wish and to find the best decision for the organizing of any great event, family or business meeting.  The users can receive all necessary information about the establishment (website), its description, the interior pictures and the picture reports about the interesting events. Moreover, you can review the location on the map.  Day by day, the online card-file is completing with the new restaurants. – it is the online data exchange for all delicious dishes gourmets.  The website includes the whole range of such information blogs like:  The News, the Overviews, the Comments, the Rating, the Campaigns, the Master Classes, the Interviews, the Gourmet notes, the Photo reports.  Moreover, all visitors can read or leave the comments about the restaurant, form the idea about the establishment and, at least, make the right choice.

You always can get to know the top information about the opening of the new restaurants, all menu news and about the holding the various events or campaigns from the establishments all over the country.

You have the great chance to book the tables online and choose any establishment, date or time you wish, including such options as: The number of people, the available hookah, alcohol or the whole menu discounts. This option is just to improve your service and to give the pleasure from all favorite Azerbaijan establishments.

Keep up with the delicious life of Azerbaijan!

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