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The poster about restaurant life – it is the first web portal about the restaurant life of Azerbaijan, it is in three languages and where you can find the poster online about the entire events, which are in the Baku restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and clubs life.  

The poster is the short information massages and the illustrated pictures, which show all future events in the Baku restaurants life. In the poster section you will get to know about the events, which are dedicated to the opening of the new establishments, the master classes, the concerts, parties and many other very useful information, that is very important for the everyday life of the modern people.

The poster chronology is organized in such way, that it is very easy for all website visitors to find the announcements about all posters or preview their text completely, if they wish. When you read the poster about this or any other event, it will be very easy for you to access the restaurant link to investigate the details of the interior, menu and the establishment pictures, which you can find in this page.

Beside it, in the poster section you have the great chance to leave the comments, to discuss the forthcoming events with other users and to tell your own opinion.  It is always very important for us to know the opinion of the website users.  If you have any questions about the events, which we announce in the web portal, you can call for the help to the advisor. This advisor will explain you all needed information which is in the poster and answer all your questions without any problems.  

Keep up with the delicious life of Azerbaijan! 

The team.