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10 eggs dishes

19 November, 2013

One of the first stuffs, which we meet after milk cereals and mix powder, is, of course, the chicken egg. Our mothers boil them quite long time, make omelets or the drawling eggnog. The children grow up, but take such habits like the egg morning into their adult life. The egg contains 12 kinds of the vitamins such as A, D, B1, B2, E vitamins and many others. The eggs contain 96% of the minerals. Most of them are such as calcium, phosphor, iodine and iron. We offer you 10 eggs dishes:

The Benedict eggs – it is the French breakfast and nowadays it is cooked in the best restaurants in all over the world. The base for the Benedict eggs is the poached eggs (they are the eggs, which are boiled without shell). We bring it to your table on the toasts with the butter or with the Holland sauce. Beside it, you can find the Benedict eggs with the bacon, greenery or cheese.

Yumurta tomato – it is the Azerbaijan omelet with the tomatoes. We can cook such all-favorite dish just for a few minutes. We put the pealed and chopped tomatoes on the warmed up pan. When the vegetables give off the juice and fry a bit a little, we pour the whipped eggs and bring this dish to the ready. 

Frittata – it is the Italian omelet, which is cooked with the cheese, vegetables, sausages and meat stuffs. The ordinary frittata is cooked on the kitchen range and just after that, it is brought to the ready in the oven. 

The scramble eggs or the folk name is the gossip omelet. This omelet can contain the various stuffs. We cook it on the pan and stir it all time. In the end we receive the one-piece consistence.

The Spanish piperada - it is the Spanish breakfast. It is the omelet with the cherry tomatoes, the sweet pepper, the onion and the garlic. We smash a few eggs into a few recesses in the pan with the fried onion and garlic, the halves of the cherry tomatoes and slices of the pepper.

The egg paste – it is the very popular Hungary dish. The paste is the one-piece consistence with the rubbed boiled eggs, the fried onion, the chopped walnuts and nutmeg, butter and the ground pepper. We smear the cool paste on the toasts and bring it to your table. 

The Scotland eggs – it is the boiled egg, which is rolled up into the pork sausage meat, dunked into the breadcrumbs and deep-fried for a few minutes. 

The Australian omelet – it is nothing but the dessert. It is the classical omelet with the whipped eggs, milk, the raisins, sugar and sugar powder. 

The Turkey eggs. The Turkey housewives roast the chopped chicken liver, add the tomatoes, the spices and clear soup. They pour all of it with the eggs and roast in the oven till the ruddy crust. They bring it to the table with fine chopped greenery. ​

The chocolate omelet – it is the American dessert with the dark chocolate. We melt the chocolate on the fire, add cream and sugar. We do not bring this entire consistence to the boil. When sugar is melted, we add the whipped eggs. We pour the melted chocolate on this omelet, before we bring it to the table. In addition, we can add the various fruits and canella.  

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