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The aroma Jasmine flavor

26 October, 2014

The aroma Jasmine flavor 

Before the sunset twilight, the Jasmine restaurant, which is in 24 Bakihanova Street, looks more cozy, quiet and even mysterious! The mild lightening, the flowing music, the east interior details – all of it just makes everyone relaxing and spending the time nice.

I noticed, that when you just come into the Asian food restaurant, you always mind about relax and is waiting for the new great flavor discoveries!

Unique Asia 

The Asian dishes are the unique combination of the central, east and south Asia and India.  There is the different food but they have the same stuffs for cooking them.  One of them is rice.  Nevertheless, there is the difference as well.  In Japan, for example, they use more round rice, in Thailand – the long sticky Jasmine rice and in India – Basmati rice.  Of course, in any Asia food there are noodles, the fruits, the vegetables, the soy stuffs, the flour goods, fish, meat and the seafood stuffs. 

They add the noodles into soups, passer them and deep fry.  In the Jasmine restaurant you can taste the unforgettable tasty Singapore noodles.  That is the rice noodles with the vegetables, greenery, prawns (or point the particular meat) and spices.  They add the beans sprouts, chili pepper, the onion, ginger, the garlic and the sweet pepper as well.  The Asian people are quite wise chefs therefore they mostly use the stuffs, which are very useful for the body. 

If talk about soups, they are the essential part of the Asian food. In the restaurant I would recommend you to order the light corn cream soup with the chicken.  Those, who prefers more spicy soup is better to choose the sour and spicy sychuanski soup. 

That is dedicated to the main courses gourmets 

If talk about meat, fish or the bird meat, we can notice that the dishes with these stuffs can definitely differ and be similar as well. 

In the Jasmine restaurant I recommend you to enjoy the world-wide popular Peking duck with the Hoysin sauce and tortillas. It serves so great and is feast for the eyes.  

Nevertheless, what is the most important, that is the flavor combination of the most tender meat and amazing sauce. 

If you admire the chicken dishes, order the chicken with keshyu. That is very spicy and nourishing. Moreover, you can order the crisp chicken with the garlic and ginger.  That is very aroma and quite nice flavor dish.  The wide popular Chinese crisp pork in sour and sweet sauce will satisfy your entire expectation.  That is so plain but very delicious dish.  To make meat spicier you can add the red pepper to it. 

I can not forget about the Asian pelmeni.  That is very nourishing and impressive dish, which is served in the extraordinary wicker basket.  You can order pelmeni with beef, prawns and seafood stuffs.  They are thin and juicy and will certainly satisfy your hunger. 

Now here you the fish dishes

As we know, the Japan people fry the fish just a bit a little, serve it on the steam or raw.  The Korean national dish with the raw fish is hve (they pour the vinegar on the pieces then put the pepper, salt, the garlic and fine chopped carrots).  The Asian chefs are really quite creative in cooking of the Chinese perch, flatfish, sword fish, dorado, prawns, crabs and the various shellfishes. 

Order the frog legs in the garlic sauce. That is the delicacy in the restaurant.  The most tender meat melts in your mouth! Here it is cooked in the best cooking craft traditions. You certainly have to taste the sea scallops in the garlic sauce. Nevertheless, I liked the prawns in the garlic sauce and broccoli the most, however that is not just delicious but the useful dish as well.  For the permanent gourmets, of course, we have dorado! The Jasmine restaurant chef will be glad to cook it for you in the ginger and soy sauce a lot. That is quite ancient Asian recipe in cooking the fish. 

If you respect the Asian food or you just would like to enjoy definitely new dishes or just to taste the extraordinary flavor feelings, then the ancient and rich with the ancient recipes food is looking forward you in the Jasmine restaurant.  

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