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Outdoor Food Festival in Kiev

13 May, 2014

On the 26th and 27th of April, there was the Fifth Outdoor Food Festival in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. Year by year, such extraordinary event gathers altogether the hundreds of the highway traffic, fun and the worldwide delicious dishes gourmets as well. 

The festival organizers claim, that the main goal of this event is to change the citizens and the outdoor food chefs attitude to this food.

The entire people, who took part in this festival, believe that the outdoor food can be really quiet useful and very delicious. This event gathers altogether the like-minded people to change the situation, to renew the quality standards and to make the capital city the perfect place to live.

The entire people, who keep the entire tendencies and views of the fundamental ground of this event, took part in the outdoor food festival.  This festival was the great chance for the beginner cooks to receive the great experience in the outdoor cafes and for the entire visitors to enjoy the very delicious dishes as well. The entire visitors had the great chance to enjoy the various kinds of the traditional European, Asian and American cities dishes. Moreover, in the outdoor food festival you could find the vegetarians dishes as well.

It was impossible to pass over the very flavor burgers from the new True Burger and all-favorite Furgoneta as well. There were the long queue to the Chinese noodles, the tartes, meat and the mussels, the pies and the cakes. That is the best confirmation, that the Kiev chefs are really skillful and, without any doubts, can cook the very delicious dishes. 
The entire visitors had the great chance to enjoy the delicious cocktails, bourbons and beer. You could find and enjoy the very delicious coffee in Espresso bar Cup and Organic coffee shop. Moreover, Vadim Granovskiy took part in this event. He is the champion in the Cezve Coffee Brew Championship in Great Britain, stand coffee in action. We must notice that the entire event visitors had the great chance to find and to enjoy these entire various and delicious dishes in the budget prices. The dishes were nothing but 0.3- 20 azn.

We can not forget to say, that demand was higher than supply. Until 4 p.m. on Saturday, the entire establishments had to sell everything they were going to sell on Sunday. The entire people in the long queue shared their food emotions and feelings and compared all of it. 

That was really the great weekend. There were the April sunshine and the enchanting flavor of the fireplace, a lot of fun and noisy crowds, which relaxed at the wood tables, the live music and the dances till midnight as well.

What need to be done:

  • eat burger;
  • drink cup of coffee in cezve;
  • enjoy the sunshine with your friends;
  • listen to the alive music;
  • enjoy something you have never tasted before;
  • to take selfie.

No need to do:  
  • cut up rough; 
  • compare the restaurant and outdoor food; 
  • drink bourbon unless you are the driver; 
  • litter.   

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