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The great idea for your weekend: one day in the winemaker life

2 October, 2013

The long awaited summer passed so fast like an instant. And it took the amazing weekends on the beach, walks in the open air, the summer terraces, the flavor of the east delicacies and the sea away. But we must not be sad, however the warm days will are going to make us happy still for a long time. Do not waste your time, when you have the great chance to spend your weekend in the open air, to charge the great energy from the warm but not hot sunny days. Day after day, month after month, your memory dreams are going to warm your hearts during whole long winter evenings.
An autumn is the time to pick up the most flavor fruits and vegetables, which grew up and absorbed the whole warmth of the summer sun. They filled with the life giving energy, flavor, mellowness and sweetness. It is not surprising, that one of the most flavor fruits of summer is the grape. 

When I remind the episodes of films about the winemaking, I think about the boundless green vineyards strips… The picking up the ripe grapes bunches into the baskets, the leading-up the wood barrels for the wine, the leisurely work in the vineyards and the great care for the grapevine. All of it is the main and very important elements for the making such unique drink like the wine.

And what is very important thing, you must not go to Italy to see the whole beauty of the winemaking. Everything you need is just to go 30km from the Baku city.

Not far from the Novkhany village, on the saline lakes hills, you can find the beautiful vineyards and the factory of the Firelands Company.
If you come here, you will certainly watch how the true wine is born and to feel yourself the true winemaker.
You are going to meet something very special. It is the neat ranges of the grape. It reminds us like somebody with the invisible force made these straight fields. These fields escape to infinity, lose in the horizon and repeat the intricate relief of the local ground. Viyoner, Marceline, Shiraz, Cabernet, all of these names I have seen before but just on the wine bottles in the markets. But now I had the great chance to meet face to face. I am very happy and satisfied because of it!

It was the great revelation for me, when I had the great chance to taste the piece of each grape kind directly from the grapevine. Just after that the earlier unknown names of the grape kinds took the clear shape for me: Sweet Shiraz, flavor Marceline, amber Viyoner…
Just when you taste the grape, you can feel the whole sense and the true unique spirit of the wine. The grapevine sinks deep into the soil with its root, absorbs the whole humidity and minerals. The great power of the earth passes through its roots, stems and leaves. Therefore it contains the whole flavor shapes in the wine. We must notice, that Novkhany has the unique climate. 

Many people considers, that is impossible to make the great wine in Absheron, Azerbaijan.
But when I visited this Novkhany factory, I convinced in reverse.
There is the fairy and magic spirit in this factory. The true wine is among the great winemaking masters and the admirers of this craft. 

The whole experienced and skilled winemakers shared all their trade secrets which they gained in Italy.
They told us about the whole rules in the cutting of the grape bunches and careful save in the boxes, how they bring it to the factory, take out into the conveyor and from where they take the grape to clean its shanks and leaves. Then they take the grape berries under the press and put it after that into the tank. The wine is in the tanks.

When you are in the heart of the factory, you feel the rich and dense flavor of the ripe grape.
I can claim that my visit to this factory discovered the jib door into the fairy world of wine for me and make me to worship this noble drink. 

Everyone, who worships the wine, shares all life hardships and difficulties with it or meet the new red letter day or event, will be certainly satisfied with such amazing travel. The winemakers’ world is not so far. Everything you need is just to lend your hand and the jib door into new and strange life will be opened. There you are going to meet the hundreds of inspired people, which consider the winemaking not like the job but like their sense of life. And all of them are going to share their happiness with you.

We, the project team implement an active life in the restaurant life of Baku and now we made up our mind to do something extraordinary and very interesting. We chose the organization of the wine tour “One day in the vineyards”.
On the 22nd of September the and the Firelands Company opened the amazing door into the whole mysterious world of the wine. The pictures of our first wine tour will tell you even more. (follow the next link).
You can order the Firelands wines in the entire best Baku restaurant, in the store chains Fresco and buy directly in the wine boutique The Mey (1033, Izmir str., Baku, Hyatt Tower III).  

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