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Welcome to Lvov to enjoy the delicious coffee

7 October, 2013

Lvov is the city, it is the cultural capital city of Ukraine and the heart of an old Europe. And, of course, this city is very popular with the most delicious and flavor coffee. In 1683, the Galician Frants Yuriy Kulchitskiy opened the first coffee house in Wien and one of the first coffee houses in Europe – “Hof zur Blauen Flasche”. This event influenced a lot for the coffee tradition in Lvov. And with the time Lvov gained the honor name of the coffee capital city in Galicia.

Today, when you go for a walk in the streets in Lvov, you will certainly feel the spicy coffee flavor. The coffee houses are so close to each other; therefore you are going to imagine yourself on the great coffee market.  

To the purpose, such great coffee festival passed in Lvov during the whole last weekends. The coffee festival is going on since 2007. Every year in the end of September the thousand coffee gourmets gathered altogether. This year is not exception. on the 26th of September, on the Rynok area opened the seventh festival “Welcome to Lvov to enjoy coffee”, which I had the great chance to visit.

The fancy-dress performance, the coffee degustation and the coffee candies, the spirit of the red-letter day and the hospitality of the city owners gifted the incredible and unforgettable minutes to the thousand visitors. We always are going to save such nice moments in our memory. The festival organizers offered to share such great joyfulness with their friends and opened “the Lvov coffee post office”. All the festival visitors had the great chance to send the unique post cards “From Lviv with Love” to any point of the world.  

 I and many other visitors had a great chance to visit one more unusual event like the Royal tour to the coffee houses of the city. We dressed the true royal fancy dresses and followed in the ceremonial cortege, It was like we transferred to the past, to the majestic Austro-Hungarian Empire era.

On Saturday, on the 28th of September there was, I guess, the most important event of this festival. It was the theatrical performance of the coffee King and Queen. All people had the great chance to visit the dozens of the most hospitable coffee houses, where they could find and enjoy the most delicious and flavor coffee.

All visitors had the great chance to complete their festival with the enjoying of the large coffee cake. On the main stage you had the great chance to find and enjoy the master classes, the Live music and watched the presentation of the awards to the best city coffee houses. In the end, if you are going to feel such incredible feelings you do not need wait so long time, the whole year. Lvov is looking forward you every weekend and is ready to gift the cup of the flavor coffee to each coffee gourmet!

Photographer: Nataiki 




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