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Five desserts to New Year 2014!

18 December, 2013

Well. The time passed so fast and, I suppose, the time whirlpool is not going to stop. Nevertheless, the New Year’s Day is still my favorite holiday in any way. The childish nostalgia for the Christmas tree flavor and the chocolate candies (for somebody it can be the nostalgia for the Olivier salad or the mandarins) calls to our memory day by day.
There is coming the year of the blue and wooden horse, which promises to be quite active and rich in the various events. While we are all in the pre-holiday chores, I would like to offer you my own top five desserts. That is no less important, these delicacies do not take out a lot of time to cook them. The hostess can cook them quite fast and easy. Even, if you are going to celebrate the New Year’s Night the outside home, I am sure you will certainly find something like that in the various restaurants offers. Thus:

1. Sorbet is the Arabic word, which means "sherbet" and spells like the French word. It is unlike the ginger cakes and the nuts. It is the light fruit ice cream. Such dessert is going to help your digestion after the nourishing holiday meal. We cook sorbet with the various fruits. At home we can cook it just for a few minutes. Everything you need is to put fruits into the blander, to add some sugar and syrup and to pour some champagne below the fruits. Shake up all of it and mix with the ice crumbs. Put into the small glasses and decorate with the peppermint.

2.​ The fruits in the chocolate. It is the best choice for both the children and the adult people as well. There are a lot of various kinds of this dessert. I would like to offer you the pear in the chocolate. Everything you need is just to peal a few pears and add sugar powder. After that, boil the fruits in the wine with the lemon juice and canella for 20 minutes. Put the cooled fruits on the plate and pour on it the chocolate, which is melted in milk.

3. Sabayon is the egg dessert with the wine. It is the true Italian dessert masterpiece, which we can cook quite fast and easy. We must shake up the egg yolk with sugar very well. Add some wine and shake up the entire mixture on the water bath until you receive the foam. As the rule, we bring sabayon to the table with the fruits and strew with the grated chocolate.

4. The roasted pineapples in the caramel sauce. Nowadays, we can cook everything with fruits. The green light of the Fusion kitchen gifted and we believe, will gift us more than several extraordinary recipes. We must peal the pineapples and slice them into half rings. After that, we bread the fruits in the sugar powder and roast them in the oil and butter. The roasted pineapples put on the plate and pour with the oil, in which they were roasted. 
5. Parfait with the berries is the cold dessert, which comes from France. Everything we need is to shake up the cream, to mix the cream cheese with sugar and vanilla sugar and to shake up all of it once more. We combine both of these ingredients and mix with the spoon. We mix the blueberries with the strawberries (or any other berries you wish) in the special bowl for the desserts and cover with the cream.  

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