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The wine fair

21 October, 2013

The mountains and the sun are the best winemakers friends. Beside the winemaking traditions, every region, where the wine is born, considers the leading of the wine festivals or fairs like its own debt.  In such way the wine makers attracts more and more tourists and visitors to the wine culture. And the tourists in their turn get the nice chance to spend their time in the noisy crowd of the like-minded people and relax funny from the heart. 

Nowadays, such thing like the food tourism becomes more and more popular. This kind of the tourism is based on the travelling and the meeting the new dishes in different countries at the same time.  Today, every tourist is going to get to know not just about the history or culture peculiarities of this or other country, but also, like the young people says, they are interested in everyday life, food and drinks of this people, which live in this or other country.  And the festival – it is the nice chance to taste the wide choice of the various food masterpieces and to drink that kind of drink, which just people of this country drink already for many years.   

Let me to represent you 5 festivals, which are leading in Europe, which is the true wine smithy. Already for many years, France, Italy, German, Hungary and many other countries chant an ode to the wine, however, as an ancient Romans claimed, the truth is in the wine.   

The wine festival Cantine Aperte, the Open Wine Cellars day in Italy.

This meeting is for all wine gourmets and the new coming tourists.  In the last Sunday of May, every region opens the wine cellars in many wineries.  In the wineries the tourists have the great chance to listen to about the winemaking and the best kinds of wine and also to take part in the winemaking excursions in the wineries.  Complete this meeting with the concerts, presentations and, of course, the wine degustation.  The festival gathers more than 1 billion tourists, if do not talk about the Italians.  What can be better than to combine the rest in Sicilia and in Tuscan and at the same time to visit the Cantine Aperte festival? 

The Beaujolais Nouveau festival. 

Every year on the third Thursday of November the traditional young wine festival starts and it leads in every region of Beaujolais.  It is the only French wine, which is cooked with such kind of wine like “game” and you can drink it just after six weeks since it is cooked.  All winemakers from the whole France take part in the competitions in the wine quality and its flavor features.  At midnight Beaujolais is advertised opened with the phrase “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive that means Beaujolais Nouveau arrived.  You are going to find the outside celebrations and show program and before the beginning of the festival you have the great chance to watch the celebrative opening of the first wine. 

The wine Bordeaux festival. 

This festival is unlike other festivals. It leads one time in two years. The nearest festival is going to be in 2014 from the 26th till the 29th of June. I guess, You have enough time to plan your nice future travelling.  The gourmets of the delicious dishes, the festivals and the wine enjoy the festival spirit directly in the main area of the Bordeaux city.  In every of 80 halls, from the morning till the evening you can taste, enjoy and buy the wine from any part of France.  Beside the wine you are going to find the entertaining show, the sommelier competitions and the master classes, the city excursions and the great holiday of the French wines and dishes.  And the celebrative fireworks are going to complete all these great events.  

The wine festival in Stuttgart - Stuttgart Wine Village. 

Every year wine festival in Stuttgart - it is one of the most beautiful wine events in Europe.  In August in 2013 there was the 37th festival.  You could find more than 100 halls in the central area in Stuttgart. And all of them offered the festival visitors more than 300 kinds of the German wine.  Enjoying the wine you had the great chance to enjoy the Swab dishes at the same time.  The live music, the beauty of the surrounded places and lots of the wine, all of it makes everybody, who visited this festival once is going to come back here in year. 

The Madeira festival - Madeira Wine Festival. 

The winemaking in Madeira develops since the island is in our earth.  For five centuries the wine is cooking and exporting here.  The strong wine says goodbye to summer in the Madeira Island.  Here, in the end of August and in the beginning of September, people start to gather the grape.  During all wine festival days, you are going to find the tables in the city streets, there is cooking the various delicacies and wine cellars, which were closed during the whole year, are opened and invite everybody to enjoy the wine degustation.  Also, in this festival you are going to find the various shows, the folk dances and songs.  During this great festival you have the great chance to enjoy not just Madeira but also and other kinds of the wine.  For example, you can find Moscatel – it is the sweet wine. It reminds us the liquor. Also we offer you to enjoy Vinho branco – it is the white wine, or Tintos – this wine is the deeply red wine.  It is the great place to relax, where you can combine the nice and useful things at the same time. You can get to know something new and very interesting for you and your family.  

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