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A note about the beginning!

15 April, 2013

Our life, one way or another, is composed of many small things. Sometimes important events are erased from our memory, but the daily necessity in coffee stays with us forever. We form our character bit by bit, inevitably acquiring habits, but sometimes we forget the lessons learned in order to start everything from a scratch. To my mind, life is a search of oneself. One should find best qualities in oneself and develop them, get closer to the occupation, which would inspire and motivate, and thus get a PLEASURE. Yes, it is a pleasure. We are what we love. We are “gourmets” of our weaknesses. And if you recall the breakfast at Café Marly with its lightsome croissants and an Espresso with the word “France” and not in the least an exhausting lift to the Eiffel Tower – you are a gourmet. Moreover, a gourmet in its classical meaning. A gourmet (fr. “gourmand”) is a connoisseur and a lover of sophisticated cordon bleu cuisine and an expert in drinks (with a link on Wikipedia), who I am.

So let me introduce myself, my name is Irina Stelmakh and I love cordon bleu cuisine. And don’t let my confession associate you with a motto of a Club of smokers anonymous – no secrecy, I am for the publicity! The world is spanless, with its history, culture and publicity, its unrestrained craving for beauty. The world gives us unforgettable moments of life. I just want to spice it with culinary creations from all over the world. On virtual pages of we are going to discuss everything, concerning the culinary, which has a direct or indirect connection to culinary. Here I’d like to share inventions and new techniques of cooking, to reveal the lost recipes and to be inspired by the traditions of different continents. You shouldn’t be sorry if you hadn’t had a chance to visit Italy and enjoy the Fetuccine pasta with creamy sauce; perhaps there is an Italian restaurant in the nearby street, where a chef from Sardinia works at.

Long time ago, Luc Vauvenargues – a famous French philosopher and a writer of the XVIIIth century, has remarked: “Good cuisine is the thing that links tightly people of etiquette”. His words definitely make sense: people are united according to their common interests, and whatever the others say, food is one of the strongest affections of humanity. See you soon!

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