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The winter holidays in Slovakia: the food Eden

28 February, 2014

The New Year’s and Christmas holidays passed, the greeting bravado slowed down and the vanity lead-up shut down.  Now we can just recall to our memory and remind the unforgettable days with our family and friends, when we sat at the home fireplace or the thousands kilometers far from our home in the snowy mountains of the faraway country.  This year I said my lovely “Hello” to such new country like Slovakia.  Its endless spaces, the mountains heels and wastelands, the local inhabitants’ customs, the nice hospitality to the entire visitors and the dishes as well touched to my heart so much.  

The Slovakian dishes are quite plenty and useful. Moreover, these national dishes have really the unforgettable flavor.  I guess, that is more creative than for example Czech or even German dishes.  

We can not cook the Slovakian dishes without the various kinds of meat, pastries, soups, fishes and sauces.  In Slovakia, the plates of the dishes are quite large. Even two people can get enough with one plate. Moreover, the prices are quite budget like for Europe.  I might notice, I enriched my vocabulary with the new words and phrases like:  halushki, kletski, shkubanki (the potato crockets), knedliki and so on so forth.  These potato and dough masterpieces are with the grated feta cheese.  

The most popular kinds of cheese are “parenica” and “oshtepka”. They are the feta cheese, which reminds us bryndza.  You certainly have to pat the particular attention to such dish like "wild boar leg". That is the roasted pig leg.  Its average weight is about 1 kilogram, therefore just one plate of this dish can satisfy even the whole group of people.   The light smoked wild boar leg is stewed quite long time and roasted in the oven.  We bring this dish with the garnish like the potato and the stewed cabbage, the greenery, the garlic and the various kinds of sauce.  
Without any doubts, the entire meat gourmets have to enjoy the favorite dish of the entire Slovakian people. That is “spishskaya pohutka”. It contains the meat goulash with the champignons and the potato pancakes. 

For the entire fish gourmets we can offer to enjoy the sweet fish from the local rivers.  Here it has such extraordinary name like “pstruh”.   We cook this fish without any spices to save its natural flavor.  Most of the dishes are with the kletski and paprika.  We bring this dish to your table with “longoshe”. That is the fried dumplings with the garlic and oil.  That is the great and very delicious snacks.

The main features of the national Slovakian dishes are the first courses.  There is the wide choice of the first courses like:  the vegetables soup, the clear soup, the mushroom soup, the meat soup or even the garlic soup.  The entire Slovakian dishes have the incredible flavor and taste.  They are quite dense and nourishing. They sate enough and satisfy us with their flavor features. 

A lot of Slovakian people like the birds as well. You can find the wide choice of the duck and chicken dishes.  We stuff the bird, roast and bring it to your table with the garnish in the pots.  There is the great choice of the first courses. Therefore, the local establishments’ visitors would like to order and to taste a lot of dishes.   In such way, the dinner transfers into the supper. Moreover, the small groups of people combine into the great brotherhood of the Slovakian dishes gourmets. 

We can not forget to say about the Slovakian drinks.  Here there are made the true Slovakian beers and wines. Moreover, they are not worth than the European brands. The Slovakian people are prod of their unique tinctures like:   borovichka (the Slovakian genie), slivonitsa, medovina, hrushovitsa, koshytskaya malinovitsa.  The tinctures remind us such all known drink like hooch and have the nice smell and fruit flavor. That is the light drink. Moreover, it does not leave any unpleasant self-memories for the forthcoming morning.  

The Slovakian desserts are quiet various and very delicious as well.  By the way, you can enjoy kletski with the cranberries or any other jam. They are not less delicious than the cheese or cracklings kletski.  The brand desserts are the apple strudel with the second name “zavin”, the “Figaro” chocolate, the various pancakes and dumplings with the fruits stuffs.  The Slovakian people are fond of the cakes, pastries and desserts with cheese.  We would like to offer you visit Slovakia once, you certainly have to enjoy the fruits knedeliki. That is the true Eden pleasure. 

There you will certainly find the wide choice of the delicious dishes, the kindhearted and very friendly people. You will certainly notice their love to their motherhood ground and to everything they grow on it.  The Slovakian people estimate work really a lot. Moreover, they try to gift the piece of their heart to any visitor they meet. I am sure we must pay the great attention to this great country.  To see on the new horizons. We send you a lot of peace and calm to your hearts! 



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