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The aroma Jasmine flavor
The aroma Jasmine flavor

26 October, 2014

Before the sunset twilight, the Jasmine restaurant, which is in 24 Bakihanova Street, looks more cozy, quiet and even mysterious! The mild lightening, the flowing music, the east interior details – all of it just makes everyone relaxing and spending the time nice.
I noticed, that when you just come into the Asian food restaurant, you always mind about relax and is waiting for the new great flavor discoveries!

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A note about the beginning!
A note about the beginning!

15 April, 2013

Our life, one way or another, is composed of many small things. Sometimes important events are erased from our memory, but the daily necessity in coffee stays with us forever. We form our character bit by bit, inevitably acquiring habits, but sometimes we forget the lessons learned in order to start everything from a scratch. To my mind, life is a search of oneself.

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The gourmets notes – it is the first web portal about the restaurant life of Azerbaijan, it is in three languages and there you can find the most interesting and useful information about the dishes for all delicious dishes gourmets. 

The gourmets notes is devoted to such essential part in the people life like the food. The team is sure that we must refer to the dish cooking like to the making the whole masterpiece and we must put heart into making it.

In the gourmets notes you can find many interesting recipes, cooking tips and news from all over the world. We will tell you where you can find the food and drinks fairs, festivals and exhibitions. We will share the peculiarities in cooking the various worldwide dishes.

The everyday recipes, the holiday dishes, the exotic delicacies – all of it you can find in the gourmets notes. Most of the recipes are fitted to our conditions and stuffs. You can find them in the Azerbaijan restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars and clubs.

In the gourmets notes work just the professional team of the journalists and photographers, which also make the articles in other website sections: The master classes from the chefs, the interviews with the famous characters, the photo reports about the events, the thematic overviews will be glad to share all the portal visitors with its impressions from the dishes, which are cooked by the best Baku chefs. The gourmets notes will open to the portal visitors the hidden door into the food craftsmanship.

Keep up with the delicious life of Azerbaijan!

The team