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Coffee with cream: Teiyar Akkubayev director of the Real Group Company

22 September, 2014

The power in the movement. 

Teiyar Akkubayev is one of the founders and the executive director of the Real Group Company. He has been working in business for 15 years. The entire businesses are definitely pleasant, useful and delicious! He drove and developed the flowers shops chain “Gallery”. Thanks to love to the children (I have three) I made up my mind to make the chain of the children entertaining centers “Happy Land” and the chain of the toy shops “Gallery for Kids”. Once, I have been interested of the fast-food business. I decided to open for the Baku people such brand like Cinnabon, which is famous in all over the world. I have used franchising. By the way, the first Cinnabon cafe was opened in 1985 in Seattle (USA). Then, there were the task to bake the most delicious bun with the cinnamon (the flavor Makkara cinnamon, which grows up for the Cinnabon chain in the Indonesia Mountains). After longtime discovering and experiments, the Cinnabon Company at least has done it. Nowadays you can find the most delicious cinnamon Cinnabon buns in Baku as well. Nowadays there are opened already 4 cafes. Moreover, they are not the last. Teiyar says: “We must make a lot of such places for the soul”. They treat not just the children but the adults as well.

Recently, we met in one of the Cinnabon cafes. It was the Opening Day. There we found the festive atmosphere, the cup of tea, the delicious dessert and the nice talks about the life principals, the rules how to do business and how to be lucky in it. What can be kinder? 

Do not be afraid to make the mistakes. We study on our mistakes. Our mistakes make us to analyze the situation more accurately and help to miss other mistakes as well. 

The careful is not the trouble. I always use the main rule: “Look before you leap”.

Business is the great school. I still study. 

Business and humanity can easily combine. Thanks to business, I know and feel people much more better. There is the only principal - to keep the correct distance. I can not be too kind. Nevertheless, I try to use cool mind and to keep the principal of the middle way The most important is not to rework. People must be satisfied but work as well. Now I am lucky in it. 

The good team is the only thing which can save the business. 25 people work in Real Group Company. I can definitely claim we are the team. 

The inspiration in business is the God blessing. No-one idea will go on and give the results without the inspiration. If I have the new one idea and does not pass over me and it is in my mind all time, then that is the good sign.  But if it touches not just my mind but my heart as well, then I feel the inspiration, which helps to realize it. It is the extraordinary feeling like ecstasy.  It covers you and do not leave you at noon or at night. I must say, that is the unique feeling. 

Everything depends just from the person. It depends on the person birth characteristics, good breeding and goals. I guess that if the people are full age, they almost do not change anymore themselves. Sometimes, you meet somebody in 20 years and catch on that this person is the same like 20 years ago. And it does not matter what post of honor they gained and what other people think about them. Everything we need is just to talk with them and we will discover what person is even the high post of honor. Thus, you understand that everything is the same. These people are the big children. Everything they changed is their look. Stupid is stupid, smart is smart and kind is kind! 

Time is the most value. Nowadays we feel lack of it so much. The plains, cars and computers do not help anymore. It seems to be the developer civilization is the less time we have. The greatest part of time is for business, then it is for family and after that we have time for relax. 

I do not upset. I just have a lot of work. 

I am happy. I am grateful my fortune. I gained everything I dreamt. There is a lot of work but I am glad. I realize myself and I know I am just at start. There are a lot of plans. I have the great children and wife. Sometimes I dream to stop the moment when I am happy!  

In my childhood I dreamt to work in the law enforcing authorities: the public prosecutor or the policeman. I followed my relative, who was really respected person in my family. I was named by him. I entered the juridical department of the international law in BGU. But life changed everything. In any way, I dreamt to live the worth and welfare life, and I have gained it.

Harmony is outside and inside comfort. I live comfortably and quite when all my native people are healthy and alive. Then I recognize that everything is good in my family. When I think about comfort, I thank the God! 

The beauty saves the soul. For us the flowers are not just the business. In any way, that s the symbol of happiness, joyfulness and life! In our shops you will find the most exotic and beautiful flowers, which we import from all over the world.

I travel when I go in business trip and exhibition. Then I take my family and we recognize the world:  ski, acquaint with the outstanding places or just lie on the beach. It can be 5-6 times a year. At the weekend we go to the summer cottage. I like Arab Emirate and Switzerland. Those are the countries to which we dram to come back over and over again. In Azerbaijan we go to the mountains skiing in Shahdah.

The world is quiet various. We just have to find our place in it! 

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