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The master class from the Manqal restaurant: the traditional shekerbura delicacy

Restaurant «Manqal»

Date and time:26 March, 2014

Shekerbura is the traditional Azerbaijan delicacy.  It is made with the stretch and tough dough. Its stuffs are sugar and fried and dropped nuts like:  the almonds, the hazelnuts and the walnuts. 

It is really very popular in such spring holiday like Novruz Bairam. This spring holiday tells everybody about the forthcoming spring. Thus, for example, shekerbura reminds us the moon. We add the special east spices to color its dough a bit a little yellow. That spices is sarahcake or the yellow root. Would not you like to enjoy that extraordinary delicacy? Then, we would like to tell you where and how it is cooked.  The food master chefs of the national Manqal restaurant put their entire love and heart to the shekerbura baking. That is the great piece of luck to mix and to roll out the dough  skillfully. No less important thing is that the dough must not be too thin or thick.

After all, we make the alike each other circles. Then, we put the stuffs and mold them.

The Manqal chefs can make the nice and very neat shekerbura delicacy quiet skillfully and without any troubles.  In the result, we certainly have to receive the perfect pigtail.

In the result, we get the baking patterns. The shekerbura patterns are really very important. We put it on with the special tweezers. That is naggash. It has the jaggy ends, therefore we get the nice patterns. 

To be honest, not everybody can mold the true shekerbura.  That is the entire true masterpieces like the true luxury.  That is really hard and takes out a lot of energy. Nevertheless, that is really very exciting.

We make the diagonal strips on the delicacy, therefore we receive the nice spike lets.   Earlier, we made the sekerbura patterns really quiet close to each other.  However, if the delicacy is really rich decorated, and then the harvest will certainly be rich. 

Just after all of it, we put the shekerbura into the oven.

Nowadays, that is really quiet difficult to find the shekerbura delicacy, which was roasted in the oven. The Manqal restaurant pays the great attention to the shekerbura cooking traditions… Therefore, without any doubts, in this restaurant, you can find the true traditional shekerbra! 

We wish you the really nice Novruz Bairam holiday!

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