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The opening of Alov Restaurant and Alov Jazz Bar

Bar, Loundge bar, Restaurant «Alov Restaurant and Jazz Bar (Fairmont Hotel)»

10 February, 2014

On the 7th of February, there was the official opening of the Alov restaurant and the Alov Jazz Bar in the Fairmont Baku hotel, Flame Towers. This evening, Richard Morningstar, who is the American ambassador in Azerbaijan, cut the red ribbon and opened the new brand steak house and jazz bar for the entire American food and the popular Jazz music gourmets.
The entire Baku citizens and visitors, the journalists, the photographers and the capital city beau monde members, they were about 160 invited people, degusted the extraordinary dishes. They were cooked by the multiple winners of the international cooking art festivals and Orhan Muhtarov, who is the establishment chef. These entire events were in the celebratory restaurant spirit.
This day, the entire event visitors got the various surprises: the tender desserts, the various cold snacks like the fresh oysters and, of course, we can not forget about the premium steaks with the marble beef. By the way, the last are the main features of the restaurant. Without any doubts, we can claim, that the food surprises and the general celebration spirit excited the entire event visitors really a lot!
The visitors liked the establishment interior as well. The soft twinkle light, the comfortable sofas and the panoramic windows with the amazing look at the night Baku city and the Caspian Sea , all of it just completed this great event and set the entire visitors for the unhurried small talks.
You have the great chance to review the pictures of the Alov restaurant and the Alov Jazz Bar opening in our photo report.

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Author: Iuliia Syglova

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