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The review of the best Icherishekher restaurants

21 April, 2014

Without any doubts, we can claim that Icherishekher is such place in Baku, which the people resort the most.  That is the top place in the capital city, which we recommend the foreigners to visit foremost.   Moreover, a lot of Baku citizens would like to go for a walk along its narrow streets.  There are so many people, which are happy to pose gracefully in front of the photographers cameras and to make the pictures here.  An old city sleeps never and touches to the visitors hearts in any time of day. 

Nowadays, we can not imagine the Icherishekher spirit without the restaurants and terraces, where you can eat the very delicious meal, drink the fresh brew tea in your friends meeting or just watch the eternal city life and hurry up nowhere as well. 

Thus, the restaurants guide would like to represent you the review of the best Icherishekher restaurants. Without any doubts, if you visit the capital city of Azerbaijan once, you certainly have to visit them! 


When you go for a walk in Icherishekher, you will certainly notice the Manqal restaurant. The main landmarks are Gosha Gala and the double doors enter, upwards and to the right from which you can find the fortress walls and the Kichik Gala Street. Go along the street no more than 100 meters and you will certainly catch on the Manqal restaurant. Just come up to the establishment enter and you will find the welcoming restaurant staff at once. The entire smiles and kind-hearted wishes will be especially for you, who are the long-time and new establishment friends. The kutaby flavor by the pretty khanum will certainly gift you the sweet and charming minutes. 

Here you will find nothing but just everything fresh like:  the warm and flavor bread just out of the oven, the hot grill kiababy and the juicy greenery, which just this morning grew in the field. 

Just in the Manqal restaurant you will find just the homelike recipes dishes.  You have the great chance to sit at the window and watch the outside Icherishekher life all day long from the early morning till the dead of night. 

At night, you have the great chance to enjoy the live music background and mugam. Sometimes, that is really noisy and crowded. Therefore, that is not so easy to find the free place as well.  Therefore, hurry up to book your table beforehand, especially in the case when you are going to relax with your friends.  

  • The menu breakfast from 9 till 12 a.m;
  • The outside panorama windows;
  • The live music background and mugam starts at 7 p.m; 
  • The warm and fresh baked bread; 
  • No alcohol. 


The Qazmag restaurant is in the same Manqal restaurant street. That is the old-fashioned house in the Kichik Gala street.  Just visit this establishment and you will certainly estimate the antique spirit and the thoroughness of those times amazing building as well. The stone arches, the ethnic dйcor and the welcoming hostess will make just the homelike traditions spirit and where you are always welcome like the honor visitor.  

The chamber decor and the cozy interior will certainly just complete your sincere and kind-hearted talks. There you will find the menu, which is rich in the Azerbaijan dishes. Are your friends just getting to know the national dishes of our country? Then, we would like to recommend them to choose the Shirin pilaf. That is the Azerbaijan pilaf with the dry fruits. 

  • The menu breakfast from 9 till 12 a.m;
  • The nice place for the romantic dates;
  • That is the great choice for the small banquet; 
  • The antique building; 
  • The great choice of the wines, cocktails and strong alcohol drinks. 

Mugam Club 

Mugam Club is the next no less true historical and cultural property of Icherishekher. You certainly have to remark it. 

That is the 17th century building. It used to be the caravan saray. It was the place, where far back in the past the trade caravans came to sleep and relax. Nowadays, we call it the "Hotel".  

The inside caravan saray yard is surrounded with the high stone walls.  Nevertheless, instead of the camels and the tired tour guides you will find the true figs trees, which are green in any season you wish.   Instead of the old draw-well you will find the nice babble fountain, which mutes the city buzz and just completes your relax.  Bang and you are in the cozy armchair, sit at the table and enjoy the caravan saray in the middle of the yard, which hides in the shadows of the evergreen branches.  How is nice to stay in the East. Here you will certainly feel yourself like Shah and have the great chance to choose any of the various national dishes you wish.

Mugam Club touched to and stayed in our hearts forever. Without any doubts, the saj with the chicken and beef meat and the luxury-cooked giurza immediately conquered our team hearts. 

The restaurant name is completely justified. However, nowadays like a century ago, every evening you have the great chance to enjoy the antic mugam here.  We insist to visit this establishment the entire city visitors, who really would like to enjoy the unique love and the eternal truth songs. 

Without any doubts, you will easily find the way to Mugam Club.  The establishment is nearby the Maiden Tower.  Everything you need is just to turn to the sea. On the right no more than in 100 meters, you will find the outlandish national dishes restaurant. 

  • The antic mugam starts at 7 p.m; 
  • Saj with the evergreen figs trees; 
  • The wide choice of the hookahs; 
  • The smart games like:  the backgammon; 
  • The ancient architecture and the history spirit value of this place. 
Terrace Garden

The restaurant name tells about it itself. It is on the 4th ground of the Sultan Inn hotel. You can visit this establishment in any season you wish and in spite of the weather enjoy the amazing the panorama of Icherishekher roofs like:  the Maiden Tower view, the one by one modern building and, of course, we can not forget to say about the 33 shades of the Caspian Sea, which start from the light grey and finish with the bright blue color. 

Instead of the monolith slab, here you will find the crystal glass, which protects the entire visitors from the really strong Baku winds. Moreover, when the weather is good, it transfers into the open air space. 

The restaurant menu contains not just the national dishes but the brightest European dishes a well. The restaurant is quiet popular with its juicy steaks and the various kinds of sauce. Taste the Rossini steak once and our flavor insight let us be sure, you will certainly come back here over and over again. You will find meat in the soybean and honey sauce on the stewed spinach pad. On the top of steak, you will find the foie gras.

In the dawn, the restaurant sinks into the light and twinkle evening city lights. There is one more benefit in the interior of this establishment. That is the open fire under the glass pyramid. You can watch it non stop,… especially, if you have the great chance to enjoy the light and amazing lounge music background as well. 

We insist you to book the Friday or Saturday table beforehand

  • The breakfast from 8 till 10.30 a.m;  Buffet; 
  • There is the great panorama view of the city; 
  • The great choice of the foreign wines; 
  • The terrace in the open air; 
  • The best lounge music. 

Museum Inn 

We would like to complete our review with last but no less respectable establishment in Icherishekher. That is the Museum Inn restaurant

This restaurant is unique with the multi level terraces, which have the amazing city view panorama. Here you can celebrate any event and have any meeting you wish. 

The bottom terrace is decorated in the Middle East style. The sofas, which are opposite each other, just are going to help you in your nice colleague and lovely sweetheart talks.

The entire hookahs gourmets will certainly prefer the medium terrace.  The soft and cozy furniture will just help you to relax and receive the great pleasure from the hookah. 

The entire visitors can find the largest terrace on the upper ground.   Here you will be surrounded with roofs of the old houses and it seems to be that you can touch to the Maiden Tower.  Nothing is upper you, just the swifts round and round under the ancient building roofs. 

Here, you can lead not just the business meeting lunch but have the nice and buzz friends meeting as well.   The great projector screen will show you the latest music videos of the music channels and the modern fashion TV news as well. 

The restaurant menu is rich in the various European dishes. Nevertheless, you can find the quiet interesting offers of national dishes as well.  

We would like to recommend you to book your weekend or evening table beforehand, especially if you prefer the bottom or medium terraces. 

  • The breakfast from 8.30 till 11 a.m;  Buffet; 
  • The terraces with the panorama city view in the various levels; 
  • For our events, we can easy use the projector and the screen as well; 
  • There is the hookah. 

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