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The sweet life: The 5 top desserts from the Double Coffee house

Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee house «Double coffee»

24 March, 2014

I guess, a lot of Baku people got to know about the preferences of the dishes from the Double Coffee house master chefs.  

Nowadays, we would like to represent you 5 top desserts, which you certainly have to enjoy in this great establishment.   

The banana crepes. 
The entire French dishes gourmets will certainly estimate the light and tender banana pancakes. The ice cream ball and the chocolate sauce will complete the mellow pancakes dough great. The hot and cold combination is really exciting tandem.  Moreover, some cinnamon will just gift this dish the unforgettable flavor.

The cherry pie. 
The warm cherry pie with the short crust dough… There is the renew classical dessert. You will find it quiet extraordinary.  That is the mellow and crumble structure... The juicy stuff with the nice and ripe berries by the brand recipe. We are sure, this delicacy will become one of the most favorite desserts.  We bring to your table the cherry pie with the vanilla ice cream ball.

The Rockslide brownie. 
There is no wonder, that both the entire children and the adult people are crazy about the chocolate as well.  They like it because of its unforgettable flavor. Without any doubts, we will never forget its amazing flavor. Moreover, the chocolate makes us more and more happy. It saves us from melancholia and lack of energy.  What would you like to notice, when we are talking about the double brownie in the caramel sauce?  That is so delicious, is not it?  Without any doubts, the entire gourmets of the cacao beans delicacies certainly have to enjoy the Rockslide brownie. Hurry up to enjoy it. That is really very delicious! 

The nuts mystery. 
There is one new surprise from the Double Coffee house. That is the mellow dessert with an ice cream and the whipped cream.   We enrich the milk mix with the walnuts and the viscous caramel sauce.   The entire gourmets of the mellow milk desserts will certainly find the real jam.

The Cottage cheesecake. 
The cheesecake is one of the most popular desserts. You can find it in a lot of capital city restaurants menu.  There are the various kinds of this brownie. They can be the classical and quiet plenty brownies, with the extraordinary stuffs and quiet complicated brownies. In any way, there is no wonder.   It seems to be no surprises for us…. Nevertheless, the Cottage cheesecake from the Double Coffee house can do it as well. That is the cottage brownie with the nuts, the raisins, the chocolate coating and the peach sauce.  
Is not it quiet delicious?.. Do not deny yourself in the small pieces of happiness. Treat your entire close and dear people with the unforgettable minutes of happiness.

Thus, never forget:  “That is much more better to taste it once, than the dozens times to hear or to read about it”. Hurry up to visit the Double Coffee house and make the true celebration for yourself!  


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